"Personalized medicine in Oncology" symposium

The symposium that took place at Hilton Al Habtoor hotel was attended by physicians specialized in medical oncology, surgical oncology and pathology. First, the IPS (Integrated Pharma Solutions) Group CEO, Ahmed Yacout, talked about the interest given by the company to Personalized Medicine in Oncology, saying: "We have chosen this field for the sake of our health and the health of our families and children.for this concept constitutes a corner stone in treating cancers." 

The president of the Lebanese Society of Medical Oncology and Chairman of the hematology-oncology Department at Hotel Dieu de France University hospital, Professor George Chahine, has inaugurated the symposium. A session has been dedicated to discussing and answering the questions of the participants, and was shared by the head of the hematology-oncology division at AUBMC, Professor Ali Shamseddine. 

The participants followed with great interest the presentation of Professor Khuri that comprised the development stages of Personalized Medicine in Oncology, since "the existing scientific revolution in the fields of medicine and genetic researches has engendered a positive development in the quality of health care provided to cancer patients. The idea of personalized medicine is not new. However, nowadays, with the technique of detailed genetic tests, a more precise and efficient personalized treatment is possible to eradicate the cancerous tumor, with less side effects on the patient." He has added: "we are at a time when the cost of treating cancer is high, whether it is a chemical treatment or a targeted therapy. Now and due to genetic tests, we are capable of knowing more details about the tumor, about each patient and the specificity of his case. This means that we are capable of obtaining better results, at a lower cost." 

 Professor Khuri has underlined the importance of informing the patient about his health situation, involving him in convenient treatment and prevention choices, saying: "knowledge is always a source of strength and each patient can cooperate with his doctor to choose the treatment that suits him personally. A study presented during the annual conference of the European Society of Medical Oncology ESMO 2012 has showed that 89% of the patients who participated in the study want their doctor to inform them about the available treatment options that suit their cases. 74% are willing to delay treatment and undergo more additional testing to receive a drug that might work better for them. While 69% are willing to undergo re-biopsy, to be sure that the best treatment is chosen before they start." . - See more at: http://www.ips-me.com/en/news-1#sthash.c39G9XLm.dpuf